• Lower School

Lower School

Personal, Social and Health Education
Mrs A Brown

Years 7-9

What will I learn?

This is your opportunity to discuss and learn about issues relating to you - how they affect you and how you can affect them. You will do this through class and group discussions, debates, role-play drama, videos and written work. You will learn about yourself and the changes that will affect you during puberty, hygiene as well as focusing on physical and mental health. You will look at issues outside your immediate area of experience, how they affect others and how you can help to change things and become a responsible citizen. Because your lessons are centred on you, sometimes issues come up which you would like to discuss in addition to the topics outlined below.

Year 7

Introduction to school and routines will be covered as well as health and diet issues. We shall also focus on fitness, personal hygiene, growing up, friendships, bullying and teasing, personal safety including internet and mobile phone issues, family groups, similarities and differences.

Year 8

In this year we shall discuss the use of leisure time, our responsibilities and our environment. We will also talk about disabilities and charities. We shall discuss the use of drugs, including smoking, and medicines. We shall also focus on emotional development, self-awareness and friendships.

Year 9

This year topics you will learn about will include decision-making, self-discipline, on-line grooming and radicalisation, use and misuse of drugs and sexual development including contraception and STIs. We shall re-visit relationships, looking particularly at the importance of building strong positive relationships with parents and friends and how these can benefit our mental and physical health.

What skills will I develop?

It is hoped that you will learn to express yourself, develop an argument, listen to other opinions respectfully and accept that different is not necessarily wrong.

What examinations will I take?

You will not be examined in PSHE

What equipment will I need?

You will be issued with materials as and when needed.