Personal, Social and Health Education
Mrs A Brown

Year 10

What will I learn?

Year 10 students do not have timetabled PSHE lessons. However each term they attend a talk or workshop on a relevant topic such as alcoholism, sexual relationships or eating disorders. There is also the opportunity for year 10 to watch year 11 PSHE presentations. This gives year 10 students a valuable insight into the topics they might wish to research as well as presentation technique.

What skills will I develop?

The diverse range of topics and speakers will help develop your listening skills as well as informing you on a wide range of thought provoking subjects.

What equipment will I need?

You will be provided with any equipment that you need.

Year 11

What will I learn?

The first two terms will be spent preparing a project for presentation at the end of the Advent term. You will work as individuals or in small groups; both of which offer advantages and disadvantages. Having chosen a topic, each lesson allows an hour for research and planning as well as presentation practice. Recent topics include cultural dress, the dangers of pornography addiction, female genital mutilation and the flaws in the electoral college voting system.

In year 11 you will also revisit radicalisation, on-line grooming and study skills as well as having pre-exam in-class open forum.

What skills will I develop?

You will learn how to research and what makes a good presentation in terms of content and technique - useful skills for those who plan to take an EPQ qualification as well as for later in life.

What examinations will I take?

You will not be examined on the content of this course.

What equipment will I need?

During the first two terms you will need a device on which to prepare a shared google document.